Our VIP program is our way of giving something extra to our most loyal members. VIP members qualify for special prize draws, like our annual prize a cheque for 20,000 SAR giveaway. You must be a Rewarding Panel member to qualify for the VIP program, but it’s easy to become a VIP member: complete at least 5 surveys over a 3 month period, and you’re a VIP for that quarter and get to participate in the quarterly draw. Four winners will get 3,500 points each. Rewards Highlights

Only our VIP members are entered into these special draws:

  • Annual cheque for 20,000 SAR Give Away - If you maintain your VIP status for two or more quarters, you are eligible to win our annual VIP which is a cheque for 20,000 SAR giveaway!
  • Quarterly VIP Giveaway - All panelists who qualify as VIP for a given quarter are entered to win the Quarterly VIP Draw. Four winners will get 3,500 points each.

We will notify you, if you are a VIP after the end of each quarter .

If you don’t make it for one period, it’s easy to earn VIP status for the next quarter— just be sure to take most of the surveys you receive.