Redeeming points

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You can redeem the points you earn for different gifts - check our "Rewards" area. You must have at least 200 points to get an instant delivery for 10 USD OneCard code, 500 points to get an instant delivery for 25 USD OneCard code, 1000 points to get an instant delivery for 50 USD OneCard code, 2000 points to get an instant delivery for 100 USD OneCard code and 4000 points to get an instant delivery for 200 USD OneCard code. You can also redeem 1000 points to have an instant You Got a Gift code and shop from a 100+ top brands; for 300 points you can have an instant delivery from CashU; you can donate to charities starting from 100 points, and for 40 points you can buy a chance to win in the Monthly Draw and win a prize of your choice: an iPad, an iWatch, a PlayStation, a mobile phone or a gift card!

You can redeem your points at any time by signing in to our website and clicking the Rewards menu, where you will be able to see our available prizes, and the points needed.

When you order, be sure to check the address information we have on file to ensure we're sending your redemption item to the right place!

You need to register on Please follow the below steps to make an online payment with OneCard:

1. Visit OneCard's page:

2. Sign up and provide your email, password and user keyword.

3. Click on the link: “For your account number, Click here”, to complete your profile (ex: name, DOB, mobile number, etc.).

4. Activate your mobile account number.

5. Access the “Latest products & services” tab and click on “All” to select the item you wish to redeem.

6. Enter the 14 alphanumeric digits (all letters in caps) sent to you by email after exchanging your points for a OneCard e-voucher.

You need to register on Please follow the below steps to make an online payment with CashU:

1. Register on CashU page:

2. You will then receive an email address with your account number and password.

3. Login to your CashU account on this page:

4. Click on "Add Funds" tab and select CashU Prepaid Cards.

5. Enter the 18 digit numbers that we sent you when you exchanged your points for an e-voucher.

6. Select CashU as a payment method from the Merchant's checkout page.

7. Enter CashU account number and password in CashU's Payment page you are redirected to.

8. Wait ten minutes until you receive the e-voucher.

9. In order to redeem your voucher code to any of (iTunes/Amazon), you should use this website address:

1. Once you redeem your points for a “You Got a Gift” e-voucher, you will receive a code sent by Ipsos to your email address instantly.

2. Visit and select the gift of your choice from the store.

3. Present the printed out voucher (with 13 digit bar code) at point of sale (cash register) or customer service of the outlet and get it verified.

Please note:

  • Vouchers cannot be used online to purchase from the website except for Amazon and iTunes
  • Vouchers do not need to be activated, just validated at the point of sale before purchasing. Ensure you purchase the item(s) for the allotted amount
  • Please contact in case you experience any problem with your voucher.

    We aim to send you the order in a week after you placed it, but sometimes this is not possible. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of all orders.

    Shortly after having placed an order, you can still cancel it. To cancel an order, go to My Points Account section, that you can find by clicking on the tab marked with a star, on the upper right corner, next to the profile picture. If a cancel button appears in the order status column, you may cancel your order.

    If you do not see the "cancel" button, then your order has already been processed by our supplier, and we cannot cancel it anymore.

    Sign into our website and go to the My Points Account page that you can find by clicking on the tab marked with a star, on the upper right corner, next to the profile picture. A description of your order, order number, and order status will be displayed together with other information regarding your activity in the Panel (surveys history, points, other orders, etc.).

    For electronic vouchers you'll find the expiry date in the email containing the actual code. Usually, OneCard has no expiry date, CashU e-vouchers and You Got a Gift e-codes are valid for 12 months.

    Your points do not expire as long as you remain an active member of Rewarding Panel. If you unsubscribe from the Panel or if your membership is terminated, then your points account will be closed. Any points remaining in your account longer than 30 days from termination will be forfeited.

    An inactive Panel member is someone who has not responded to any survey invitations for a while, in which case Rewarding Panel reserves the right to deactivate their membership. If your membership is deactivated, any points remaining in your account will be forfeited 30 days after your account is closed.