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Rewarding Panel never sends unsolicited email. In most cases, you receive an invitation to join Rewarding Panel based on a recommendation sent to us by one of our providers. As an online market research company, we work with various providers of opt-in and double-opt-in e-mail addresses to constantly enlarge our panel and ensure national representation.

In case you are not interested in joining, please click on the unsubscribe link at the end of the invitation that you received, and we will not send you other invitations to join the community. Please note that this might not preclude some of our providers from sending you invitations.

Rewarding Panel NEVER shares your email address with anyone. 100% guaranteed. We are registered with Casro, ESOMAR, MRA, and MRIA, the top global market research organizations. Our business depends on the fact that we follow accredited email processes. We do not spam.

We are trying to credit your points in real time, immediately after having completed a survey. However, sometimes, points are credited only after a survey closes, which can take up to four weeks. If you know you were supposed to receive some points, but never did, please contact us quoting the survey number, and we'll settle the issue.

Questions like "Do you intend to buy this product?" are meant to find out what types of people are interested in a product. For example, men are more likely to want to buy a moustache trimmer, but women are more likely to want to buy a curling iron. Sometimes, it's hard to know what types of people would be interested in a product so that's why we ask. We will NEVER try to sell you anything.

Rewarding Panel NEVER asks for your credit card information, and we NEVER charge panelists to be members. Rewarding Panel is free to join and free to take surveys. We never ask for your credit card information to send rewards. It hasn't happened yet, but if you see the Rewarding Panel name on your credit card bill, then be assured it is fraud. Please let Rewarding Panel and your credit card company know immediately.

E-vouchers, are usually instantly sent, however in some cases, it might take up to 4 weeks to reach you. However, if you have waited longer than 4 weeks, there may be a problem. Please e-mail us to find out what is causing the delay.

Most people screen out of or don't qualify for surveys on a regular basis. It ensures that your valuable time is used wisely. We agree it can be frustrating, but it's probably less frustrating than answering an entire survey about a product that is of no interest to you.

Also, you being selected for a certain survey depends on the statistical profile that we have built for you, which includes such demographics as your gender and age.

The reason you may be screened out of a survey is often related to the completion quotas for that particular survey. If a relatively small number of respondents are needed from a certain profile category, the necessary number of completed questionnaires will be reached quite quickly after the survey is launched.

Within ten days of unsubscribing, you will stop receiving emails from Rewarding Panel. If you are still receiving emails after that point, it is probably because we have you registered with a different email address. Check the most recent Rewarding Panel email you received to see which address it was sent to. Unsubscribe with that address instead. If you continue to receive surveys from Rewarding Panel more than ten days after you unsubscribed from us, please let us know.

As a member of Rewarding Panel, You WILL get chances to earn points to redeem for prizes. You WILL be first in the know. And, we deliver the rewards we promise. Check out the Winners page to see for yourself.

Some people who join Rewarding Panel visit us from a third party site which promises a pay-out for joining Rewarding Panel. Those pay-outs are the responsibility of the referring company. Rewarding Panel never pays each person who joins. If you were expecting a pay-out and did not receive it, contact the site that promised it to you.

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